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Food Resources

These purpose of these links is to supply and demand. Connecting producers and businesses that can use those products in their restaurants, for farm-to-table dinners, etc. will help provide a stronger marketplace for locally-sourced food and beverage.



Farm & Food Resources

Co Farm Fresh Directory

Supply Chain:

Sustainable Tourism

Below are resources to help support the implementation of sustainable tourism strategies in Colorado communities. These links can serve as starting points in your research and in your journey toward creating more sustainable destinations and businesses.

4 Pillars of Sustainable Tourism

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council defines a more detailed look at what sustainable tourism is — tourism that incorporates the needs of the community and environment while considering economic and social impacts:

  1. Socio-economic – tourism products and services should benefit your community.
  2. Culture – preserving local history and culture.
  3. Environment – protecting and preserving the environment both locally and globally.
  4. Management & Monitoring – the only way to ensure sustainability initiatives are successfully implemented is through an effective management and monitoring plan.

Care for Colorado Coalition – you can join the list.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Research

Responsible Tourism

Sustainable Travel

Tourism Dashboard

United Nations World Tourism Organization – Sustainable tourism

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