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If you want to plan something a little longer than a day trip, look at our terrific options for lodging. These members offer bed and breakfasts, lodges, glamping, guest ranch stays, and camping. More traditional lodging is also available in nearby towns.

Outdoor Recreation

Colorado has fantastic opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the great sprawling plains to the east, agritourism options include hiking, fishing, snowshoeing, nature tours and more. Get out there!

Food & Drink

We all have to eat and drink- out here it just tastes better! Enjoy the fruits (haha) of our producers- try their locally- made and sourced: Beer, Canned goods, Catering, Cider, Cottage Foods, Farm to Table Meals, Food trucks, Cantaloupe, Spirits, Peaches, Corn, Wine. Hungry yet?

Special Events

Gather the whole group for a memorable event. Whether you’re celebrating a Graduation, Reunion, or Wedding, you can enjoy wide open spaces and special venues to accommodate your needs. You’ll get some great photos too!


If you are a lover of large animals, Colorado agritourism has some incredible possibilities. Whether in a sanctuary or out in the wild, our state teems with life. Wildlife viewing is supported by the following members. Additionally, some members specifically offer tactile experiences with alpacas, goats, horses and other friendly farm animals.


Enrich your soul and your family ties by embracing experiences on our farms and ranches. Get your hands dirty, engage in educational tours, farm activities or farmers markets, help with bottling, harvest, chores, explore lavender farms, mazes and Pumpkin Patches… fill your days with memories that will last a lifetime!